Rob Kardashian reveals weight loss in his latest Instagram snapshot

On November 1, Rob Kardashian dedicated his post to show off his massive weight loss achievement! The reality star shared a picture of him with his mother, Kris Jenner, in their Halloween costumes. Kim Kardashian’s younger brother, 32, dressed up in the photo as King Peppy from the animated movie Trolls, wearing green pants, a t-shirt from his Halfway Dead clothing line, a green vest, pink wing, and a mustache. His mother wore a skeleton mariachi singer from the Disney movie Coco.

Rob’s been through some rough times. His rising stress levels also caused him to have a diabetic attack in 2016, resulting in hospitalization. His ex, Blac Chyna, accused him of physical abuse back in April of 2017, to which he denied. This event caused him to appear less and less on his sister’s famous reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He also struggled with depression and food issues. Many of his fans have noticed his absence and many times would comment on his long disappearance from the spotlight.

One instance of this happened back in February of 2018 when things took an emotional turn. A fan tweeted a photo of him with his nephew Mason with the caption, “I miss you so much, Rob.” The GIF showed Rob dancing with Mason in his arms. Rob retweeted, merely replying “Me too” with a blue heart.

Since his latest post, many fans noticed how noticeably slimmer he was, as it seems he seems to be bouncing back, which reportedly began back when he was seen at Kim Kardashian’s birthday party. His upcoming posts started back in June of 2019 when he began showing off his new clothing line, “Halfway Dead,” with the help of his sister Kylie Jenner. He also started posting pictures of his workout routine and has ultimately begun leading a more active life on social media.

“He is very focused on making changes and sticking with it. He has cut down fast food and has completely changed his diet. He also stopped drinking, which is really helping him. He is feeling a lot better and seeing results,” an anonymous source told E! News. “He is also exercising again and working out with a trainer. He gets together with friends to play basketball at his home court and has fun with that, too,” the source added.

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