Losing weight does not have to be an arduous process. Those seeking to shed some weight often make the mistake of following a popular fad, only to become disappointed or bored in a short amount of time. 

The key to sticking with anything is that it must be something fun. Though some friends may be enthusiastic about activities they enjoy doing to lose weight, it does not mean those activities are guaranteed to work for you.


Kayaking is an activity that burns plenty of calories, builds muscle, increases stamina, and improves joint flexibility. It is a low-impact activity that does not have the bone-jarring effects of running and contact sports.

Kayaking requires an initial investment in equipment and instruction but is rewarding as an exercise for the body and is therapeutic for the mind. Not every adventure needs to be a whitewater experience. Kayaking placid lakes and slow-moving rivers and streams are peaceful yet burn those extra calories to help shed the weight.


Swimming year-round requires finding an indoor pool. Budget cuts have closed some pools, but many are still open to choose from that will fit most of the people’s budgets.

The investment in swimming gear is only a bathing suit. If one does not know how to swim, many places offer free guidance. Those with bigger budgets can enjoy a home spa or a large hot tub designed to create a current to swim against.


Riding a bicycle is customary for practically everyone. Though we may abandon them as we enter adulthood, the cardio-building exercise of cycling is a great way to get started toward getting the body of one’s dreams.

Adult bicycles are different than child models. There are models designed to be low-maintenance and durable for road use. A good bike is a moderate expense. Most beginners do not like the professional-style seats and opt for something more comfortable.

Cycling can be done anywhere and in almost any sort of weather. One may simply take off from the front door of a home or flat and head out for a ride. Others may opt to attach the bicycle to a carrier and drive to a popular riding spot. Regardless of where one rides, the fact remains that this is a sport that anyone can start slowly and grow to love. As the weight drops and the muscles grow, the flat areas can be left behind to explore more hills. As one seeks to see more, trails into wilderness areas may be the choice for cycling.

These are only three of the many popular ways to lose weight. They are much more fun than being stuck doing a routine of lifting weights and exercising on gym equipment.

Kayaking and cycling offer new scenery at the whim of the participant. Swimming can become social as well as competitive. The goal is to find something regularly and not give up.

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