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LinuxGram offers faster payment processing solutions with a competitive edge.

A wide range of merchant account solutions available: retail merchant accounts, MOTO merchant accounts and mobile merchant accounts. The merchants that are approved can make their own choice on which POS terminal they want to use. One of the most beneficial features included in POS terminal are the PIN pads, which allows a business to accept in-store credit card payments. Payment-On-the-Go is another option available to mobile merchants. The rates for these transactions are as little as 2.2%. To gain access to these unique and dynamic merchant services, click the button down below and a representative will contact you within one business day.

Risk-Free Merchant Account Solutions.

High Risk Merchant Account Providers

Some businesses have a hard time finding a good merchant that are reliable with decent transaction rates. Some businesses can even get denied for merchant account services, making it hard for the company to take mail and telephone orders. LinuxGram has less harsh rules and open to any legit business who are looking for quality merchant services at an affordable rate. 

Low Risk Merchant Account

LinuxGram specializes in providing retail and e-commerce merchants with credit card processing features which are groundbreaking. Low and high risk merchants can benefit with us. LinuxGram is connected with a variety of partners who specialize in banking (internationally). Unlike other merchants in the industry, with LinuxGram, you will be able to make smooth transactions without the expensive credit card processing fees and/or rates.

Off-Shore Merchant Account

If a company is located out of the states, some domestic banks will deny merchant services. LinuxGram will provide merchant account services for international, offshore and domestic accounts. Offshore accounts are usually the most popular, so we made sure to create long lasting business relationships with offshore banks. If you need assistance finding the best bank for your particular business, we can help.

Why LinuxGram?

LinuxGram specializes in top-notch customer service. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us to speak to a live representative. We have the best customer support available in the industry. When a business applies for a merchant account, a customer service representative is immediately assigned to you to assist with setting up an account. Customers never have to worry about going through the set-up process alone. Most merchant accounts are set up in longer than two business days.

Our merchant services, LinuxGram, has been leading the merchant processing industry since 2001. We specialize in just about every service related to merchant transactions: phone and mail orders, retail storefronts, e-commerce companies, mobile and much more. Our quality customer service payment processing options allows us to remain a leader in the industry.

We are The Company, a team with awesome people and ideas.

We provide cost effective services which are focused around providing the best possible return for our clients investment.